Things to consider when designing bespoke alcove cabinets...

Height of base cabinet?

A standard height is 800mm but remember bespoke furniture allows you to have any height you like. Anything from 500mm to 1m high depending on if you are having a TV on the cabinet and the height of your sofa’s.

Check out our blog post to ensure you won’t be getting any neck ache from your cabinet height decision, click here.

Depth of base cabinet?

We recommend if you are having traditional alcove cabinets or shaker alcove cabinets to have them project out past the chimney breast by 50mm-100mm.

Contemporary alcove cabinets usually stay flush with the chimney breast unless you have very narrow alcoves.

If you have a fireplace on the chimney breast, coming flush with the surround is quite a common choice too so the decision looks purposeful.

Above the base cabinet?

Anything above the base cabinet should the same depth as the alcove.

Floating shelves are an option being 48mm thick and installed from wall to wall. You could paint the back wall of the alcoves a different colour to create a great feature.

Bookcases are the other option and allow the furniture to look completely built in to the alcove. The shelves can be fixed or adjustable. Don’t know the difference? Find out more information here.

Design of the built in alcove cabinets?

There are 3 designs to choose from and you can read more about our different designs here.

Traditional alcove cabinets which are common in period properties.

Shaker alcove cabinets are a popular design which can be made traditional or modernised.

Contemporary are popular in new properties.

What about our sockets, AV points, internet and cables from the TV?

We install surface mounted sockets onto the backs of our furniture for easy access and a clean finish.

AV Points and internet access is created by a cut out so that any maintenance to these can be accessed and worked on by other trades.

We install cable tidies to the tops of the worktops so that any cables from TV’s or lamps will run through the cable tidy, into the cabinet and then plugged into the socket. These come in a range of finishes.