Things to consider when designing bespoke bookcases...

Height of bookcase

Bookcases can go ceiling height to maximize storage space. However, if you have coving we recommend to go just below to not intrude or it will look messy. Also if you have a picture rail, we recommend to go just below unless you want the picture rail removed where the bookcase is being fitted, then it could go to ceiling.

Depth of bookcase?

If the bookcase is going in an alcove then ideally it should be flush with the chimney breast, if what you would like to store on the shelves fit at that depth.

Standard depth of a bookcase ranges between 300mm-400mm.  

Shelves in Bookcases

Shelves can be adjustable, giving flexibility for the future or fixed shelves where there are no pin holes. Shelves as standard are 25mm thick but can be upgraded to birch ply as a stronger material to ensure they don’t bow in time due to the weight.

Do you require the bookcase to be a display cabinet rather than open? You can have doors with glass panels as a display feature.

Details of the bookcase?

A bookcase can have all plain features to be a simple design or if you would like something more traditional then fluted panels could be considered. You could also have a cornice being either plain or moulded and the plinth could have some detail too, projecting out or with a moulding.