Things to consider when designing media units...

Height of base cabinet?

A standard height is 800mm but remember bespoke furniture allows you to have any height you like. Anything from 500mm to 1m high depending on if you are having a TV on the cabinet and the height of your sofa’s.

Check out our blog post to ensure you won’t be getting any neck ache from your cabinet height decision, click here.

Depth of base cabinet?

Common depth of cabinets range from 400-500mm deep but the depth can be tailored to what is being stored inside the cabinets.

Design of the cabinets?

There are 3 designs to choose from and you can read more about our different designs here.

Traditional alcove cabinets which are common in period properties.

Shaker alcove cabinets are a popular design which can be made traditional or modernised.

Contemporary are popular in new properties.

Details of the cabinet?

If you are having a traditional or shaker cabinet then fluted panels could be considered. A cornice could also be considered being either plain or moulded and the plinth could be moulded too.

A contemporary cabinet should have all plain features.

Above the base cabinet?

Floating shelves are an option, being 48mm thick and could sit either side of the TV.

Bookcases can frame the TV and then shelving can surround it. The shelves can be adjustable or fixed and store your books, DVD’s, ornaments, picture frames etc for display purposes.

You can have also have 25mm thick “chunky shelving” which is a bespoke design where the shelf spaces are in a random configuration.

You could have glass panelled doors as a display cabinet too.